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Word going around the SEO Grapevine is that the numero uno search engine (if you don’t know who’s that, you are not supposed to read this ;) ) who, it was believed by all and sundry, gave value only to Links, is now factoring in the below as well:

  • Download Speed – how soon is your page dished out
  • Site Activity – meaning how long visitors linger on the page and probably also how often you update it (am updating this post after every carriage return :P )
  • Content, Quality – PLR down down! CopyScape, do you have an affiliate system? Readers, do you want original, quality articles? Come to me… I always believed content is king!

Hey! Don’t just go away. Please linger on a bit… The post was very short? I don’t go blah blah, only to the point – capsules. Aw, common! I want you to increase my site activity. Move the mouse around; point to something, anything – I do put in tool tips occasionally :)

There! I got a surprise for you below the fold.


You dirty mind! Were you expecting some lingerie pics for lingering on?

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